Awards & Testimonials


    • 2009 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      TH 212 from CSAH 6 in Renville to Danube
      2007 National Partnership for Hwy. Quality Bear Tooth Hwy., Segment 1- Montana PFH 59-1(1)
      2006 US/DOT Biennial Excellence in Hwy. Const. • TH 23 Reconstruction Project
      • Brainerd Area Welcome Center / Rest Area
      2006 MNDOT Merit Award Willmar Municipal Airport
      2006 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      • TH 10/32 Design Build Interchange in Hawley
      • TH 212 from TH 22 to TH 5
      • Willmar Municipal Airport
      2005 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      TH 23 from TH 71 to CSAH 31
      2005 MNDOT Workzone Safety Awards • 3408-14 (TH 23)
      • 1401-150 (TH 10 & 32 Interchange)
      2005 Prairie's Edge Casino Resort Commendation for Excellence in Construction
      2004 Quality Paving Award Willmar Business District
      2004 MNDOT Workzone Safety Award 3408-14 (TH 23)
      2003 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      • TH 212 from Bird Island to Hector
      • Outstanding Performance & Quality Concrete TH 71 Bypass
      2002 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      Rock Co. TH 75
      2001 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      Lyon Co. TH 23
      2001 MNDOT/ CPAM
      Merit Award
      TH 71 from TH 212 - 71
      2000 MNDOT Workzone Safety Award TH 210 in Brainerd



    • “I've worked with the Duinincks for over thirty years, on I don't know how many jobs… 30 or 40 at least. I've worked with several generations of Duinincks, and they've always been a very good company. Our biggest project was on Trunk Hwy 23 – about a forty million dollar project – building two new lanes and reconstructing the old lanes to make it a four lane highway. This project had very tight timelines, and they did a good job of staying on schedule. When they get a project I'm involved with, I know it's going to be a good project.

      —Jim Christensen, Project Manager MN DOT
    • “I worked with Duininck Inc. on the Willmar Airport; they won an award for that project. They had almost all the contracts for paving on that project. The specifications for density requirements for the FAA can be difficult to meet. They worked very well and got the job done.”

      —Tom Angus, HNTB (Senior Project Manager)
    • “I've been working with the Duininck's on projects in one capacity or another for over 40 years. First in '68 or '69 when they were building the Southbound lanes of US 71 and MN 23, and I was just a civil engineer trainee. The biggest project we ever worked on together was the North Shore green lake project, because there was water, sewer, road construction and even a bike path going on at the same time. We're really grateful to have a longstanding relationship with a local company. When the Duinincks are involved we really don't have to worry about the project. You know things will be taken care of.

      —Gary Danielson, Kandiyohi County
    • "In planning and organizing a response on our teams qualifications for the project, I found communication with the Duininck folks to be frequent, efficient and effective. The team provides strong leadership and input. They recognized their areas of strength and deferred to others when necessary. They have been good partners in a teaming effort to secure work. I enjoyed working with them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

      —Michael Rief, PE, WSB & Associates